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The South Carolina Constitution designates the Attorney General as the Chief Prosecuting Officer for the State, and along with the sixteen Circuit Solicitors, the Attorney General is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal matters within the South Carolina judicial system.  The majority of cases prosecuted by the Attorney General are referred by the local Solicitors.  The Prosecution Division handles a broad range of other criminal matters, including cases involving securities fraud, insurance fraud, financial fraud and environmental crimes.  Our experienced prosecutors work in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in an effort to help fight crime and bring criminals to justice.

Fraud affects everyone. Medicaid Fraud skims as much as $270 million annually from S.C. tax payers’ money. Insurance fraud is even more detrimental; it adds about $1,000 a year to the average household’s insurance premiums. The S.C. Attorney General has pledged to fight these abuses.

As the state’s chief prosecutor, the Attorney General is a fierce opponent of crime and a staunch defender of its victims. But the Attorney General believes fighting crime requires efforts beyond punishing offenders. His office also conducts crime reduction programs and offers assistance to the victim’s of crime.

Attorney General Alan Wilson is committed to protecting our children. He believes community involvement is the first line of defense in preventing crime. The office of the Attorney General sponsors several programs designed to work with children and families, building a better future for South Carolina’s children and our communities.


The South Carolina Legislature created the State Grand Jury in 1989, as a prosecutorial body whose jurisdiction extends throughout the State. The General Assembly recognized that crimes often transpire or have significance in more than one county. Thus, a grand jury system was authorized to cross county lines in the detection and investigation of certain crimes. The State Grand Jury prosecutes narcotics of multi-county significance and obscenity offenses, public corruption, and election fraud. Jurisdiction has been broadened to include gang crimes, environmental crimes, computer crimes, terrorism and securities fraud.

The State Grand Jury was organized for the prosecution of larger, complex cases and has the resources to fully pursue and investigate crimes prior to indictment. Law enforcement officers who refer cases to the State Grand Jury can benefit from those assets. The State Grand Jury is structured in a manner which allows substantial attorney and agent time to be devoted to each case. Of course, the grand jury, through the issuance of subpoenas, has the power to compel testimony and can require the production of documents much like the federal grand jury. Confidential informants and cooperating witnesses who testify before the grand jury become bound by that testimony and are, therefore, inclined to likewise testify at trial. When a State Grand Jury case is called to court only one trial is scheduled for that time, and no pressure exists to resolve a certain number of cases during any one term of court. In addition to the assets available to them, law enforcement officials can be confident that the State Grand Jury will work with them, always keeping them informed and seeking input on the case.

Any law enforcement agency that wishes to refer a public corruption, narcotics, election fraud, obscenity, terrorism, computer crime, or securities fraud case to the State Grand Jury should contact the State Grand Jury at 803-734-3693. The State Grand Jury welcomes all case referrals and looks forward to working with all local law enforcement officers.



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