JAN 11, 2012

AG Wilson Asks SLED to Review Evidence of Voter Fraud

Attorney General Alan Wilson today asked SLED Chief Mark Keel to review evidence of potential voter fraud in the state.  The evidence was uncovered by Kevin Shwedo, Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles, during an extensive review of data related to the state’s new Voter I.D. law.

“Director Shwedo’s research has revealed evidence that over nine hundred deceased people appear to have ‘voted’ in recent elections in South Carolina,” said Wilson.  “This is an alarming number, and clearly necessitates an investigation into potential criminal activity.  I have asked SLED Chief Keel to review Director Shwedo’s research.”

In his letter to Chief Keel, Wilson writes, “No right is more precious than the right to vote and no process is more important in terms of integrity than the election process.  Voter fraud cannot be tolerated.  Therefore, I respectfully request that SLED conduct a preliminary inquiry into these voting irregularities.”

Read the letter: http://www.scag.gov/pdf/voting.pdf

The state’s Voter I.D. law was passed in 2011, and requires voters to show photo identification.  The identification can be obtained free of charge from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  It has been challenged by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Read full news release.

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