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Consumer Protection & Antitrust

The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division represents the interests of the State South Carolina and its citizens through enforcement of the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act

Our Role

The Division files lawsuits involving an array of unfair or deceptive trade practices, such as fraudulent marketing of pharmaceutical products, deceptive billing practices, and price collusion by competing manufacturers.  These cases are managed individually, through multistate groups, or through the assistance of outside counsel in federal or state court. While the majority of cases handled by the Division involve unfair trade practices claims and antitrust issues, the section also handles charitable trust matters. 

Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division does not handle individual consumer complaints against businesses; that is the responsibility of the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs, a separate agency. For more information, please visit their Consumer Resources for more information about how to file a complaint.