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Multidisciplinary opportunities for professional development and topic specific awareness  

Upcoming Sector Specific Trainings

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Understanding and Responding to Victims (Mandatory for admission to other MLMC trainings)
Every day, young people are deceived, manipulated, coerced, and forced into the commercial sex industry. This multibillion-dollar industry is inherently harmful, and systematically targets the most vulnerable in our communities. Our full-day introductory training gives service providers, law enforcement, and youth-serving professionals the tools needed to better understand, identify, respond, and ultimately, better serve victims of the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

This training is mandatory for admission to the MLMC training on June 25.

Date & Time: June 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Skills and Strategies for Providing Effective Trauma-Informed Services to Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth (One-Day Advanced Clinical Training)

This training gives providers tools to develop trauma informed clinical programming for exploited youth and provides a space to practice utilizing skills learned through role play, group discussion and small group work. The one-day advanced clinical training is designed for mental health professionals, program-based clinicians, child welfare workers, community-based therapists, in home therapy teams and private practice clinicians that are serving youth who have been commercially sexually exploited.

Attendees must have attended the MLMC training on June 12 to register for this training.

Date & Time: June 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Upcoming VSP-HT Trainings

These 15 credit hour trainings are for those meeting the statutory definition of Victim Service Provider and whose primary role is providing direct services to victims of human trafficking.  

Thursday, May 23 (In Person), May 30, June 6 and June13 (All Virtual)
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Tuesday, September 24 (In Person), October 1, 8 & 15 (All Virtual)
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VSP-HT certification

In January 2019, the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force partnered with the Attorney General’s Department of Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification, and Statistical Analysis to launch a specialized training for human trafficking service providers. The development of this training followed the passage of H3329.

This training is the first of its kind in South Carolina as well as the nation. Select providers who complete a minimum of 15 hours in approved VSP human trafficking specific basic core requirements will receive certification. Certification is maintained by a minimum of 12 hours of approved VSP continuing education each subsequent calendar year. 

Requirements to be considered for VSP-HT certification

  • A person who meets the statutory definition of Victim Service Provider (§ 16-3-1420), and
  • Whose role is primarily or solely providing direct services to victims of human trafficking, and is
  • A recognized member of a regional and/or the State Human Trafficking Task Force in South Carolina; and
  • Is approved by the criteria established by the State Human Trafficking Task Force Coordinator.

SECTION 16-3-1420

  1. (1)"Victim service provider" means a person:
  2. (a) who is employed by a local government or state agency and whose job duties involve providing victim assistance as mandated by South Carolina law; or
  3. (b) whose job duties involve providing direct services to victims and who is employed by an organization that is incorporated in South Carolina, holds a certificate of authority in South Carolina, or is registered as a charitable organization in South Carolina, and the organization's mission is victim assistance or advocacy and the organization is privately funded or receives funds from federal, state, or local governments to provide services to victims.
  4. "Victim service provider" does not include a municipal court judge, magistrates court judge, circuit court judge, special circuit court judge, or family court judge.
  5. (2) "Witness" means a person who has been or is expected to be summoned to testify for the prosecution or who by reason of having relevant information is subject to call or likely to be called as a witness for the prosecution, whether or not an action or proceeding is commenced.

Victim Service Provider Certification for Human Trafficking (VSP-HT) Training Course Description

*Please note this is a very specialized training for victim advocates who are providing services to human trafficking victims.15 Hours of training will include one full day of in-person instruction (6 hours) and three subsequent half days of virtual instruction (3 hours each).Training segments:

  • SC Victims' Rights and Statutes - 2 hours (includes 1 hour of HT Statutes)
Crime Victim Compensation - 1 hour
Ethics - 1 hour
Criminal Justice System/Court Procedures - 2 hours

  • Communication - 2 hours
Multidisciplinary Collaboration - 2 hours (minor and adult focus)
Self-Care - 1 hour

  • Specialized Training - 4 hours (Guiding Principles, Labor Trafficking, and Trauma)

If you do not already have a VSP number (which would be changed to a VSP-HT number after completion of the training), you will need to apply for a VSP-HT number:Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification and Statistical Analysis - South Carolina Attorney General (

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