Inside the Office

Administration Division

Administration Division

The Administration Division provides non-legal support and planning services essential to the efficient operation of the Office.  The Division includes seven departments -- Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement and Support Services, Receptionist Services, and Records.  There are a broad range of duties under the “umbrella” of administration, and each section consists of knowledgeable and skilled staff, providing the necessary expertise for the Attorney General’s Office mission. The Administration staff works efficiently to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that the overall Office needs are met so that the attorneys and support staff may provide the highest level of legal services to the State of South Carolina.


The Finance Department manages all of the Office’s financial and grant operations.  These operations include accounts payables, accounts receivables, travel reimbursements, grant management, budget management, and financial reporting. Additionally, the Department prepares the Office’s Annual Accountability Report and other essential agency reports. The Finance Department fosters an environment of trust, accountability, ownership, diversity, and professional development. The Finance Department is an integrated team that values cross-collaboration and partnership to meet the Office’s mission. The Department adheres to State and Federal rules and regulations. The Department is audited regularly by state and federal funding entities to ensure compliance and accountability.  Agency-wide internal controls are in place for all financial components.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) Department fosters a positive and productive work environment that demonstrates respect, fairness and a commitment to excellence.  Additionally, it encourages and promotes a culture that recognizes and values diversity in the workplace. Human Resources prepares and manages the recruitment of new employees, provides orientation, prepares payroll, administers benefits, manages the performance management system, and manages the classification system and employee relations.  Human Resources also manages a law clerk, intern, and externship program.  The program provides students with first-hand experience working in a professional office.  

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides a variety of services to the Attorney General’s Office.  The IT Department is customer service focused and provides services that enhance the Office’s ability to service its clients and the citizens of South Carolina. The IT Department provides support and delivery of infrastructure services to internal and external customers to include end-user support, computer hardware and software asset management, and configuration. IT provides support for the network and the server infrastructure.  To include maintaining case management and document management systems, application and web servers, e-mail, wireless and remote access, backup systems, storage and security.  IT performs many tasks to ensure that employees have full access to various operating systems.

The Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to providing a reliable, responsive, cost-effective and secure technology infrastructure that will facilitate the vision, objectives, and mission of the Attorney General’s Office.

Procurement & Support Services

Procurement and Support Services Department serves as a hub to handle all procurement and support needs. 

Procurement handles purchasing requests on behalf of the Office to include bids.  Purchasing process requests for goods and services according to the SC Procurement Code & Regulations and federal regulations.   Procurement manages the purchasing card program, surplus property, processes purchase orders, billing, inventory control, completes quarterly and annual minority reports and other related purchasing matters.  

Support Services Department provides the Office with essential support to maintain the flow of the Office.  Support Services is the hub of the Office for printing, copying, binding and maintaining supplies.  Support Services manages the processing of outgoing mail and deliveries, fleet vehicles, court errands, and facility requests. Additionally, the Support Services analyze and resolve operational problems and complaints.  Support Services is a catch-all to allow staff to focus on operations while providing consistent, fiscally responsible and timely support services. 


The receptionist staff serves as the voice and the face of the Office.  The main receptionist greets and welcomes visitors, answers incoming constituent calls, receive deliveries, processes office mail and notifies staff of visitor arrival.


The Records Department maintains and manages case file records handled by the Attorney General’s Office legal divisions.  Records is responsible for the creation, maintenance and destruction of paper records and/or case files.  The Records Department works closely in conjunction with the SC Archives and History to help facilitate the proper storage and retention of case files.  The statutory basis for the Attorney General’s Office Records Management Program is established in Title 30 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.  In 1997, the Records Department received an award by the State Archives and History for an outstanding agency records program.  

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