Inside the Office

State Grand Jury

The South Carolina Legislature created the State Grand Jury in 1989 as an investigative body whose jurisdiction extends throughout the State to investigate complex cases that transcend county lines. By statute, the Attorney General is designated as the legal advisor to the South Carolina State Grand Jury, and State Grand Jurors are selected from across the State to serve for at least a year.

Our Responsibilities

The State Grand Jury has jurisdiction to investigate and indict criminal activity to include multi-county narcotics conspiracies, criminal gangs, public corruption crimes, securities fraud cases, human trafficking crimes, environmental crimes, election fraud issues, computer crimes, and money laundering offenses, among others. The State Grand Jury is able to devote substantial attorney and agent time to each case in order to fully identify the extent of criminal activity and identity of conspirators as much as possible.

The State Grand Jury can compel testimony and the production of documents to aid in investigations and can ensure that cooperators and witnesses testify under oath in a manner that can later be used at trial. The State Grand Jury Division works closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in order to develop cases to their fullest extent, and the State Grand Jury process serves as an important mechanism to synch resources and efforts among various jurisdictions to address the root causes of particular criminal problems.

The State Grand Jury seeks to identify all involved in a criminal enterprise and to hold them accountable for the activities of the criminal organization as a whole, and further seeks to dismantle criminal enterprises from the lowest ranks through their leadership.

Contact Us

Any law enforcement agency that wishes to refer a case to the State Grand Jury should contact the State Grand Jury Division at 803-734-3693.