Crime Victim Services Division

What We Do

On June 10, 2017, Act 96, R126, S289 was signed to create the South Carolina Crime Victim Services Division which included the consolidation of several state government victim services programs under the Office of the Attorney General.

Barbara Jean (BJ) Nelson


Departments of the Crime Victim Services Division

Department of Crime Victim Compensation

Provides compensation to victims and victim service provider agencies for eligible expenses related to victimization.

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Department of Crime Ombudsman

Provides liaison assistance to victims, Victim Service Providers, and other allied professionals in problem-solving and locating resources. Reviews and attempts to resolve complaints regarding victims’ rights and services provided.

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Department of Crime Victim Assistance Grants

Provides grant funding for agencies that provide direct services to victims and victim service providers.

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Department of Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification and Statistical Analysis

Provides oversight for Victim Service Provider certification and training. Collects relevant data and publishes needs assessments and reports.

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