APR 30, 2024

Attorney General Alan Wilson fights to protect Title IX

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) – Attorney General Alan Wilson is continuing his fight against the Biden Administration’s attack on Title IX by filing suit over the unlawful rule change that threatens protections for girls in schools.

The new rule, which is slated to take effect August 1, 2024, requires any school receiving federal funding to accommodate students’ and teachers’ “gender identity.” This means biological boys and men that identify as female will be allowed to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Students and teachers will also be required to use others’ “preferred pronouns."

“Title IX exists to protect women and provide an equal opportunity to compete in sports. I can’t believe we’re in a time where that's being threatened,” said Attorney General Alan Wilson. “As I’ve said before, this office will use every resource at our disposal to fight against Biden’s unlawful attacks on Title IX and protections for women and girls. As a dad of a teenage daughter, I want her to be able to use the bathroom and locker rooms at school without worrying about her safety or having the eyes of a biological male where they should not be. This is not a complicated idea, legally or otherwise, and we’re committed to fighting back as long as it takes."

The complaint argues, "Title IX was passed to ensure that females and males receive equal educational opportunities... The statute requires that, if opportunities 'are provided for students of one sex, opportunities for reasonably comparable activities shall be provided for students of the other sex.' At the time of enactment, no one doubted that the law’s use of 'sex' referred to biological sex. And all relevant indicators confirmed what everyone understood: 'sex,' as used in Title IX, means biological sex and does not include 'gender identity' or sexual orientation."

Last year, Attorney General Wilson was part of seven different comment letters, and led a South Carolina-specific letter, pushing back against the then proposed rule change to distort Title IX.

Read the full complaint here.

Read about last year’s comment letters here.

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