What's an Opinion?

The Attorney General issues legal opinions to many public officials in South Carolina. When one of these officials presents a legal question in a written request, an Attorney General’s opinion attempts to resolve that legal question as the author believes a court would decide the issue.

The Review Process

All opinions have been reviewed by the Opinions Section and represent the highest standards of research. These opinions are advisory, however, meaning that they are not binding like a court order. Also unlike a court, an Attorney General opinion cannot decide factual disputes. The process of issuing an Attorney General opinion is governed by additional law and established policies which can be further explained to a requestor.  

Types of Opinions

The Governor, members of the General Assembly, other elected government officials, state agencies, or people appointed to serve on certain boards and commissions are entitled to legal advice from the Attorney General’s Office, which often is provided in the form of a written opinion. As a service to the public, the Attorney General also issues legal opinions to certain local officials and local public bodies, such as municipalities or public service districts.

How to Request an Opinion

If you are a public official and would like to request a legal opinion, you may call the Opinions Section at 803-734-3736 for more information about how to do so.