South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force

Understanding the Prevalence of Human Trafficking

Statistics and data are presently scarce for human trafficking at both the national and state level, due in large part to the underground nature of the crime. The South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force recently developed a subcommittee solely focused on gathering and storing relevant data. The hope is to gain a better understanding of the prevalence of the crime, target communities for increased service provision, and assist Task Force members in securing funds for such services. As new data is collected, the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force will update this section of the website.

General Reports

Annual Reports

Annual reports are published in compliance with the human trafficking law, specifically in S.C. Code Ann. § 16-3-2050(D)(3). The report is structured to reflect four of the focus areas of the State Plan. In each area, the annual report aims to highlight the progress, currently efforts, and the goals and recommendations as identified by members of the task force.

National Human Trafficking Hotline