South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force

Mandy Bowden, MCJ


Mandy BowdenMCJ, is a Human Trafficking Program Coordinator for the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force, Office of the Attorney General. Prior to this role, she served as the Children’s Justice Act Coordinator for the Children’s Law Center at the University of South Carolina, School of Law. During this role, Mandy coordinated the S.C. Children’s Justice Act Task Force, that is comprised of over 30 child abuse professionals across the state. She facilitated the accomplishment of Task Force recommendations and related training programs for the Children’s Law Center.

Mandy served as a Child Victim/Witness Advocate as part of a special child abuse prosecution unit of the SC Commission on Prosecution Coordination. During this time, she travelled the state assisting a Child Abuse Attorney Specialist with the investigation and preparation of criminal court cases involving child victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse or homicide. Prior to that, Mandy was a Victim Services Coordinator for the Department of Juvenile Justice where she helped establish a victim services program for the agency. Mandy worked with victims of juvenile offenders and implemented a victim impact panel program.

She has been an avid child and victim advocate and has worked or volunteered  with an array of organizations that have given her a well-rounded experience in many aspects of the criminal justice system. This includes law enforcement (SLED), the Criminal Justice Academy, Guardian Ad Litem program, children’s advocacy centers, rape crisis centers, solicitor’s offices, non-profits, and state agencies

Mandy received a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an emphasis in Criminology, and a Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Criminal Justice.

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