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APR 10, 2017

Welcome to SC SafetyNet

By Joe Ryan is a resource for families, educators, and law enforcement to learn more about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship. is created and moderated by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force through the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General. Our goal is to provide information to all readers that will aid them in their endeavors to embrace technology within their community while also using that technology safely and responsibly.


SCSafetyNet offers parents resources and tools that they can use while becoming knowledgeable Digital Parents. Parenting in the Digital Age is difficult, but it is possible! We understand that it seems nearly impossible to keep up with all of the newest Apps, Games, and Websites that your children are using, but we’re here to help. We strive to provide actionable information to parents to focus on the core issues that can best prevent your children from making mistakes online or becoming the victim of an online threat. We want parents to learn that the key to Digital Parenting is communication, and that technology is a useful tool that can aid you in your journey. Keep an eye on our Blog, and check out our 10 Tips for Internet Safety for Parents!


SCSafetyNet aims to teach children and teens how to use the internet to improve their lives, not make it harder! We strongly believe that young people growing up in the world today must be engaged and involved with technology including the internet, social media, and personal devices. We never want to discourage the use of this technology, but instead we hope to help guide the use of this technology to make for a better experience for everyone. Cyberbullying, online predators, and protecting your personal information are issues that almost all young people deal with in our technology-driven world, so let us help you learn how to deal with these problems safely and responsibly. Check out our 10 Tips for Internet Safety!


Teaching in the Digital Age is hard work, but we’re here to help! With most school now incorporating digital devices into the classroom, teachers are expected to know the best methods of student engagement. School faculty and staff, including administrators, counselors, and others, are also often the first point-of-contact for students once an issue has occurred online, whether that issue is school-related or not. Knowing how to handle these issues, effectively manage educational technology, and make the most of the technology that your students are expected to use is a priority, and we want to make that as easy as possible. Check out our resource page for Educators!

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is a demanding profession, especially when dealing with technology. The law has a difficult time keeping up with the technology, so how in the world is the Law Enforcement Officer supposed to keep up with it? The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force deals with technology related issues every day including social media, search warrants from tech companies, and digital evidence processing. We’re here to help law enforcement from all over the US deal with these obstacles. For more information, visit our Law Enforcement page, and if you’re in South Carolina, we can offer presentations for your community as well! 

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